Melissa MacNeal

Happy Holidays!Wow, a whole year has gone by since I've contacted you--because I've been writing a LOT of new stories, due out in 2008!

And gee, what better holiday gift for your friends than a book or two? Did I time this right, or what?!

Naughty, NaughtyOnce again this year, I'm happy to make your Christmas shopping sooooo easy!  Everyone on your list will love my new pirate story HOT FOR IT (see below).  And the Aphrodisia holiday anthology, NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY features my story, "Cabin Fever."  Guaranteed to melt your clothes off!

What's not to love about a rodeo bull rider named Danny Diablo...all black hair and Latino heat, and just drunk enough to believe poor Norah's a for-real Christmas angel?  You'll love what happens when her halo comes off and the snow comes down!  It's every woman's cabin fantasy, and it's all about "Cabin Fever."

Hot for ItThen there's HOT FOR IT

Buying a private Caribbean island is a fantasy come true for romance writer Cat Gamble...gorgeous house, white sand beach, lush tropical gardens--and native caretakers Leilani and Ramon are part of the package!  But all work and no foreplay make Cat a very frustrated girl!

So she runs a personal ad on the Internet inviting good-looking (rich!) guys to come out and play.  And when Captain Jack Spankevopoulos offers to kidnap her for a love slave vacation aboard his pirate ship, the Captive Fantasy, she's hot for it--and for him.  What woman doesn't want a pirate lover with a British accent?

Who knew she'd be kidnapped by the wrong pirates?

Cat becomes the hostage of two very real, very WONG brothers, who hold her for ransom while they train her to become a love slave...take their own personal pleasure in teaching her the ins and outs of submission.  Cat plays along, hoping Captain Jack will find a way to rescue her, while discovering desires she can't wait to share with him aboard his magnificent ship.

Will Captain Jack rescue his damsel in distress?

These books are available NOW in bookstores, or on Amazon or BN--or, if you prefer autographed copies, email me at: for mailing details. Books are $14 each, and the shipping runs $3 for one book or $4 for both of them. Autographs and special bookmarks are free!

And check out  my new website! At  you'll find reviews and news and more info about these new books, plus what's in store for next year! 

Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season and your best year ever in 2008!


by NovelTalk