Melissa MacNeal

It's been awhile since you saw books with my name on them (and steam coming out the tops!) but I'm baaaaaaack in a bigger, better way! If you enjoyed the humor and plot twists (not to mention that steam) in my earlier Black Lace titles, I think you'll be pleased that I'm now publishing in trade-size paperback for Kensington's hot new Aphrodisia line. Yeah, this makes me an Aphrodisiac, and I LOVE it!

All Night LongAnd gee, what better holiday gift for your friends than a book or two? Did I time this right, or what?!

ALL NIGHT LONG debuted at the end of November, a full-length cruise ship romp set in the Caribbean...not that my heroine Lola sees much of the islands! Poor Lola gets stiffed by her fiance, who also maxes out her plastic before skipping out on her, so she has no way to pay off his horrendous on-board debts...until the Greek captain, Skorpio Skandalis, invites her to be his love slave for the week.

Talk about an international cast: a Brit concierge, a cabana boy to drool over, and a Spanish hero, Rio DeSilva (think Johnny Depp smoking a dark little cigar!) and Lola just can't lose! Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets--as well as a few surprises.

The HaremAnd then there's THE HAREM, an anthology of historical novellas centered around all that sex and sin with Sultans...except when I was invited to write this one,  my first question was, “Can it be a woman with a harem of guys?!”

What's not to love about Ophelia Leeds discovering her late husband's “love boat,” where he entertained his rich friends with beautiful women? Not only has she inherited his lumber empire, she has a plan for those hunk lumberjacks, as well!  “A Lady's Pleasure” will make you snicker and then shift in your seat for sure!

These books are available NOW in bookstores, or on Amazon or BN--or, if you prefer autographed copies, email me at: for mailing details. Books are $14 each, and the shipping runs $3 for one book or $4 for both of them. Autographs and special bookmarks are free!

And check out  my new website! At  you'll find reviews and news and more info about these new books, plus what's in store for next year! 

Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season and your best year ever in 2007!


by NovelTalk